Feint Creative Home


My name is Andrew Weber and I run Feint Creative, a one-man web design studio based in Berlin. My goal is to create super-simple websites that tell a story about my clients and are responsive, meaning they function perfectly on whichever device they are viewed. I design and build all my own sites and regularly work remotely.

As you can see from my portfolio, I steer clear of flashy elements and focus on what I believe gets the most out of smaller budgets: expressive use of typography and imagery and a firm desire to let the client’s work shine through. If that all sounds good, feel free to contact me.

My beautiful game.

I have a particular passion for projects that involve the beautiful game: football. A quick look through my portfolio will reveal websites I have designed for US football magazine Howler, boutique apparel brand Pelé Sports and football photographer Ryu Voelkel. I have also written over 1,000 articles for my own  recently retired football website, Arsenal FC Blog.

My combined interest in design and football lead 3nil to feature me in a photography and video project with Ryu and filmographer Jim Elson to capture my day-to-day life in Berlin.